Get the Full Length Book (not an eBook) that Gives You the Orientation to the Independent Adjusting Industry! 
The proven path that has been used over and over. In this book that path is combined with a decade's worth of experience and information that will make it easier to become a successful Independent Adjuster. This is a step by step guide, roadmap & orientation to the adjusting industry. Chris Stanley walks you through all the phases and steps of becoming an Independent Adjuster that is different than anything you have EVER SEEN!
Put the Odds Back In Your Favor With the Independent Adjuster's Playbook
You (yes, you!) can become an independent auto adjuster if you are able to apply the principles and strategies included inside of this book. My life completely changed after I became an independent auto adjuster, and I am certain it will change your life as well. For over a decade, being an adjuster has empowered a life that my wife and I had previously only dreamed about. We thought that we needed stacks of cash and would have to wait until retirement to achieve the things we wanted, but we were wrong. Travel, adventure, purpose, and a secure career have all become the normal for our young family, and we have not had to sacrifice who we are in the process.

This book is not just an interesting or fun explanation of a job, it is a call to action. Either to embrace your dreams of becoming an adjuster or to abandon them. 

See, as independent adjusters and appraisers, we can’t hide behind corporate logos, processes, and profits. We are spending our own money and putting our reputation on the line. We have to figure out how to get work, assignments, and of course, more income. All of this needs to be accomplished without wasting time or money. These are the questions and issues at hand, and this book will guide you to the answers. 

My name is Chris Stanley, and this is the Independent Adjuster’s Playbook. Join myself and other independents on our path to non-corporate success in the insurance industry…… WE ARE IA’s!
meet the AUTHOR behind the book
Chris Stanley
My name is Chris Stanley, and I am passionate about helping you become a successful independent adjuster.

I founded my company, IA Path, to help make it easier to be & become a successful independent adjuster.
Do You Want to Become an Independent Adjuster?
QUIT guessing, STOP wondering, and START the path to a successful career with the Independent Adjuster's Playbook!!!

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