Introducing The First book for Audatex Estimating!
Audatex Adjuster's Playbook
Get the Full Length Book (not an eBook) that Gives You Step by Step Instructions on How to Use Audatex.
Many IA's never learn how to use the software prior to receiving their first claim. Other's get a short 2-3 day class and don't see the software for MONTHS or years until they get deployed or finally get claims. This book will give you step by step instructions and answer your most pressing questions when you need them answered. It will help you to write auto damage claims like a veteran. People will wonder how you know so much about Audatex!
Prepare Yourself
This Audatex guide & manual gives you step by step instructions and screenshots of how to navigate the most common and some of the most uncommon tasks you'll have to handle when writing auto claims.

Learn to navigate Audatex, add damages, apply betterment, create estimates, set up your export folders, find tire prices, view included operations, close & print files and SO MUCH MORE!

I've been using Audatex for 11 years and I learned so much in the creation of this book. There are things I wish I knew years ago that you will read inside of this book.
meet the AUTHOR behind the book
Chris Stanley
My name is Chris Stanley, and I am passionate about helping you become a successful independent adjuster.

I founded my company, IA Path, to help make it easier to be & become a successful independent adjuster.
Do You Want to Write Auto Damage Claims?
QUIT guessing, STOP wondering, and START learning the software that will power your career. Get the Audates Adjuster's Playbook!!!

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